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In the beginning there was the good old TraxInSpace, where people could launch their modules (in either MOD, XM,
IT, S3M, UMX or MTM format - depending on the Tracker that was used). Almost at the same time the Mod Archive
started to come alive: a huge archive of modules.
Since 1997 a number of XM-modules - the format of FastTracker - of me could be found on TraxInSpace. These songs
could be categorized as Drum 'n' Bass, had quiet a number of downloads and some nice reviews.
Unfortunately, the TraxInSpace website has vanished, together with all its thousands of uploaded modules.

Recently I rediscovered the Mod Archive as a good place to share and uploaded all 9 modules from the album Glazed
(see also Discography). This album, released in 2000, contains tracks of my typical kind of drum 'n' bass: dark and sober.
All modules can be downloaded here. An MP3 of one of the songs (Visceral) is available here.
For the album I edited the originally XM-modules in MadTracker, added effects and rendered them into wave-files.

A few years after Glazed I started to experiment with simple, old-school sequencer-software. In 2006 it resulted
in the release of SAIKO old school psychedelics (see also Discography), named after one of the sequencers I used.
This album is filled with typical old-school electronic, psychedelic tracks, but layered with Prolet-darkness.
An MP3 of one of the songs (Blur) is available here